What is the Eastbourne Access Group?

The Eastbourne Access Group is a community group first started in 1981, the Year of Disabled People.  The Access Group is run  by volunteers, most of whom are either disabled people or carers. We all have a passion and interest in making Eastbourne more accessible to disabled people.  We seek to represent local residents and visitors who live with the daily challenges disability presents and help focus the public and private sector on removing barriers to improving accessibility for all.  In 2021 the access group adopted a charter for its work (please see our Charter on the Home Page). The group oversees the production of the ‘Eastbourne Guide for Disabled People’.

Eastbourne Guide for Disabled People April 2022

Eastbourne is a fine Victorian town, built mostly on the level but with steps and stairs everywhere! Some barriers to access in the town are difficult to resolve and others physically impossible due to the construction of buildings and in others financial constraints can mean progress is slow. However, over the years more places are now becoming more accessible. Adjustments are being made such as additional ramped front access, hearing loops, walk-in level access showers, accessible toilets, Blue Badge parking spaces and dropped kerbs for easier use of wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

With the aid of the Eastbourne Guide for Disabled People and this website we aim to show you some of the accessible places to visit in the town. The group is actively promoting accessibility for all to the public and private sector alike.

We meet regularly every other month via Zoom (every 4th Wednesday every 2 months, 10.30am to 12.30pm) contact admin@eastbourneaccessgroup.org.uk for more information.  See our calendar and home page for information about our meetings and our events which we also hold throughout the year in partnership with other local disability groups.

The Eastbourne Access Group is an active member of the local Disability Involvement Group (DIG) run by 3VA which works in close liaison with Eastbourne Borough Council to help make Eastbourne the Premier South Coast Resort embracing Inclusion and Equality for all. The Group is a member of 3VA and works closely with other groups, charities and partner organisations within the town.

The Group is always keen to welcome new volunteers and representatives from other organisations. If you would like to make a difference please get in touch. Take a look at our ‘Can you help us’ page. The Access Group will be pleased to welcome you. Your opinion is very valuable to us.

The Group produces the Eastbourne Guide for Disabled People which contains guidance on places, spaces and information around Eastbourne. It also has wheelchair route maps and useful contacts. 

Eastbourne Guide for Disabled People April 2022

If you would like any further information on the Eastbourne Access Group please contact:

07810 317 185

email: admin@eastbourneaccessgroup.org.uk