Blue Badge Parking in Eastbourne

A few points to clarify the Blue Badge Scheme

If you have a disability you may be able to park in restricted areas under the Blue Badge scheme.
Your badge will relate to you and not your vehicle. This means that it can be used in any vehicle you’re travelling in including taxis and hire cars.
Your Blue Badge cannot be used by anyone using your car if you are not in it or intending to get in the car for an onward journey.
People who are registered blind and who have severe disabilities in both upper limbs may also be eligible.
Some people can get a Blue Badge automatically others will have a further assessment where the local authority will look at the evidence of your disability to decide whether you will qualify.
Where can I park with my Blue Badge?

Blue Badges allow those with severe disabilities to park in restricted areas. For example in Eastbourne Blue Badge holders may park free of charge and for any length of time at on-street parking meters except in spaces and bays designated for other users (permit holders, resident permit holders or Doctor permit holders, etc). Also parking is not permitted in ‘No Loading’ areas and bays marked with single or double yellow marks (blips) on the kerb at the times shown on nearby signs, No parking is permitted on chevron-marked areas and in ‘No Waiting’ zones.

Download the PDF leaflet Where not to park with Blue Badge

For Blue Badge bays in the town centre there is usually a three hour time limit. Always read the signs to check parking time allowed.
Free parking is also available in the Council car parks but be aware there is a time limit of 2 hours in the Hyde Gardens off-street parking area.
The multi-storey car parks (Arndale, Junction Road, Trinity Place) do charge for all vehicles but the Arndale Centre is free for all on Sundays. In other car parks be sure to read the information signs.
Always place your blue badge and clock, set at the time of arrival, facing upwards on your dashboard so it can easily be seen and always remember to read the road signage and markings before parking and leaving your car.
Blue Badge holders must not park in goods vehicle loading only bays, doctor bays, taxi ranks, bus stops, or on pedestrian crossing zigzags, school ‘keep clear’ markings, or in bays which have been suspended.

The Blue Badge scheme runs throughout the UK, administered by local authorities in England, who issue the badges. This means that while the rules on eligibility are the same throughout England, the rules about where you can use the Blue Badge may vary, depending where you are. You should always check whether the scheme operates before you park using your Blue Badge. The Blue Badge may also be used in other European Union (EU) countries. Each EU country has its own rules on where the badge can be used.
Always refer to The Blue Badge scheme: rights and responsibilities in England booklet that is issued with your Blue Badge for additional information of where you cannot park with your Blue badge.

How do I apply for a Blue Badge?

You can apply online at where you can also do a quick online check to see if you are eligible for a Blue Badge. Or locally you can contact the East Sussex County Council Blue Badge Team or ring 01323 464244 Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9 to 4,  if you would like to do a written application.

Renew, appeal, report misuse, return a blue badge?

There is a Blue Badge Guide on East Sussex website giving much more information.
ESCC Blue Badge Guide

Useful Contacts

Parking Information and Permits

For general parking and permit enquiries tel: 01273 335500 or


Register and apply for permits on line using NSL Apply.

East Sussex Blue Badge Team

Tel: 01323 464244 Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9am to 4pm.


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Updated March 2020