Reforming public transport post pandemic

Written evidence submitted by Eastbourne Access Group
In the light of the current Transport select committee inquiry into the impact of
Covid on transport and the future of travel post pandemic, the Eastbourne Access
group along with thousands of groups representing disabled people across the
country are appalled about the exclusion of disabled people from consultation on
active travel schemes. Our active travel Eastbourne seafront cycling proposals
will remove disabled parking, bus stops and present serious hazard to people with
a range of impairments, as well as prohibiting safe loading of coaches and taxis on
our seafront.
With the future of public transport being moved towards more carbon neutral
walking and cycling disabled people are facing near complete exclusion from town
centres and public spaces if the schemes do not comply with best practice and BS
8300 inclusive design and public transport is further restricted. We in common
with most other local authorities have a pitiful number of wheelchair accessible
taxis and PHvs.
We are seeking assurance that the Minister, Select committee and DPTAC can
work together to address this encompassing exclusion of disabled adults and
children with both visible and non visible impairments across the UK.
September 2020