Press release sent to local paper



Eastbourne Access Group is a community group whose members come from all walks of life.  The group is made of up of disabled people, carers and anyone with an interest and passion about ensuring good access to our local area.

The group provides information to local people and visitors about Eastbourne businesses and services, as well as campaigning to remove barriers and help to create a town that is fully inclusive.  The group volunteers also produce the Eastbourne Access Guide for Disabled People which is available on line and in print.

The group received a presentation on plans for phase 2 of the re-design of Eastbourne town centre at their meeting on 23 September. Officers from East Sussex County Council shared the outline plans with group members and sought their views on the detailed design.  The Access Group is concerned about a number of access barriers now affecting adults and children living with visual, mobility, learning impairments, as well as dementia in the phase 1 scheme already in place in Terminus Road, which runs down from the station to Banker’s corner.  The access group also have serious concerns about the plans to remove disabled parking bays in the town centre and will continue to campaign to ensure blue badge parking is increased in the light of the extension in recent years of blue badges to people living with a range of impairments such as autism. The Access Group is aware of the importance of securing adequate disabled parking in the town centre in phases 2 and 3 of the re-design and will raise this vital issue during the planned forthcoming parking review.

The Access Group is committed to working in partnership with other groups and the Council to raise awareness of the full range of physical and environmental barriers affecting people of all ages living with any disability or impairment.  To find out more about the Access Group and join in our campaigns please visit our facebook page, text/phone 07810 317 185 or email