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Eastbourne Guide for Disabled People April 2022

Pedestrian safety

We are hosting a meeting on 9 May, 10.00am-12.00 on zoom to be chaired by Caroline Ansell, MP. We will be joined by the chair of the UK Transport select committee Huw Merriman.  PLEASE SEE THE HOME PAGE FOR HOW TO JOIN THE MEETING. 

In relation to overall safety in the updated Highway code motorists and cyclists are reminded “Always remember that the people you encounter may have impaired sight, hearing or mobility and this may not always be obvious”.

Guidelines which are designed to protect pedestrians and shape future signposting of pathways and building of new public realm walkways are;

  1. Only pedestrians may use pavements. Pedestrians include wheelchair and mobility scooter users.


  1. Pedestrians may use any part of the road and use cycle tracks as well as the pavement unless there are signs prohibiting pedestrians.


  1. Cyclists in shared areas need total care when passing pedestrians. Cyclists need to slow down, use a bell or call politely to alert pedestrians – remembering that some pedestrians may be deaf, hard of hearing, blind or partially sighted.


  1. When overtaking pedestrians cyclists should do so slowly and allow safe passing space.


  1. When overtaking pedestrians cyclists should do so slowly and allow safe passing space.


We believe these positive steps will help pedestrians enjoy safer and more relaxed walking spaces. With the added commitment of investment in safe walking schemes from the East Sussex County Council Local Walking and Cycling Initiative Eastbourne is set to deliver on huge growth in walking rates over the next decade, thus helping to deliver a carbon neutral town by 2030. This sits side by side with the creation of safe segregated cycling spaces to create a first class local Active Travel programme’.

See our press release signed by 12 community organizations:

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Letter from our deputy chair Ray Blakebrough on the new seats in Sovereign Harbour which are not suitable for disabled and older people