Health & Safety Policy Statement




1 Policy


1.1 The Health and Safety at Work Act governs the legal responsibilities in health and safety matters.


1.2 Eastbourne Access group recognises and accepts its responsibilities as a voluntary group for providing a safe and healthy environment for all volunteers and members of the public at our events. The access group does not employ paid staff. We as a group are responsible for:

  • Ensuring safe conditions for volunteers and members of the group
  • Ensuring the safety of volunteers and other visitors (members of the public)
  • Providing protective equipment where needed and ensuring it is used and properly maintained
  • Investigating all incidents that have led, or could have led, to injury or damage
  • Carrying out regular risk assessments (including covid risks). These are carried out for ALL events. Lone working or working in people’s homes (other than the volunteer’s own home) are not encouraged. On occasions volunteers might meet in each other’s homes to plan events, but not to provide any personal care or advice services.  
  • Ensuring fire regulations are understood and evacuation practices take place frequently at any venues used or shared with other groups for events
  • Communicating and consulting with volunteers on health and safety matters.


1.3 Every volunteer has a duty to take reasonable care for their own safety and for the safety of other employees, volunteers, service users and visitors. Volunteers are obliged to:

  • Work safely and without risking the safety of oneself or others
  • Avoid heavy lifting, but where any lifting is essential take suitable precautions
  • Use any protective equipment provided for their own or others’ safety
  • Report all incidents that have led, or could have, led, to injury or damage
  • Cooperate with the investigation of incidents, risk assessments and all other health and safety measures 
  • Understand the fire regulations and participate in evacuation practices at any venues or access group events where required


Eastbourne access group- Adopted April 2021, updated December 2021, review date December 2022