General Data Protection Procedure Statement

Eastbourne Access Group

General Data Protection Procedure Statement

This procedure statement covers the obtaining, handling, processing, using, recording, disclosure, transfer and storage of personal data “data processing”), which may be held on paper or on a computer or other media. This data is subject to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).

Personal data means data relating to a living individual who can be identified from that data (or from that data and other information in our possession).

Everyone has rights with regard to the way in which their personal data is handled. During the course of our activities we will collect, store personal contact details only for the volunteers and organizations we work with. This will only be held with prior consent from the individual or organizations concerned. This contact information will be held only by the secretary and/or chair(s) of the access group. No personal contact information will be shared with third parties unless prior written consent is given (e.g. by email).


We must only use the information where we have a legal right to do so. We will ensure that personal data we hold is accurate and kept up to date. We will check the accuracy of any personal data at the point of collection and at regular intervals afterwards. We will take all reasonable steps to destroy or amend inaccurate or out-of-date information. All contact information will be reviewed at least annually.


Eastbourne access group will seek prior consent for holding any contact information such as email addresses and contact phone numbers. Forms will be circulated annually to confirm updates and consent for continuing to hold contact information.


When using a mobile phone, tablet or digital camera for taking photos for meetings/events consent must be sought and the photos must only be used for the purpose stated. The photos are to be uploaded and saved on the shared drive only and if needed to password protect the files/folder. All photos must be deleted from the devices once the photos have been used for the agreed purpose.

Adopted April 2021

Review date December 2022