Eastbourne Taxi Licensing Consultation

Do you use taxis or do you find them unsuitable for your needs because you use a wheelchair? Would you like to see rear loading taxi especially for those who use power wheelchairs and have to stay in their wheelchair?

After a prolonged campaign and in response to requests from residents, Eastbourne Borough Council has launched a public consultation on new guidance for the licensing of taxi drivers in the town.

The draft guidance includes a particular emphasis on equality and accessibility and it is proposed that all new Hackney Carriages (taxis) will only be licensed if they are wheelchair accessible with either a side or rear loading ramp access (WAVs).

Drivers will be required to attend training sessions on disability awareness and all applicants must pass the training before a licence can be issued. 

You may not be a current taxi user but would if more were accessible or perhaps   you know someone in that situation. Whether you are a taxi user or not we urge everyone, with or without a disability to take part in this public consultation. The current provision of wheelchair carrying taxis is woeful and peak time availability is always determined by school run commitments and we ask you to remember wheelchair users have a right to travel when they want just like anyone else. Why should they be required to pre-book outward and return journeys in advance? Is spontaneity only available to those without disability?

Please visit the consultation page at


and have your say by 5.00pm on 18th June 2019.

Thank you