Changing Places Awareness Day, 19 July 2020

We are pleased to have two Changing Places in Eastbourne, one on the Seafront by The Bandstand and the other in The Beacon shopping centre. The Access Group have been campaigning for years to get more installed and currently asking the council to install one in The Congress Theatre or Welcome Building and asking the Manager at Langney Shopping Centre to improve access all their toilets facilities with the new centre extention this is an excellent opportunity to install a changing places facility.

The Access Group is really pleased to hear the government announcement today on Changing Places Awareness Day.

Changing Places toilets for disabled people to be compulsory

“Large accessible toilets for severely disabled people – known as Changing Places – will be made compulsory for new buildings in England from 2021.

Shopping centres, supermarkets, sports and arts venues will be required to include at least one Changing Place, a government spokesman said.

The facilities include hoists, changing benches and space for carers.

Campaigner Zack Kerr said the announcement was “nothing short of life changing”.

A government spokesman said there were more than 1,400 Changing Places toilets in the UK, compared with 140 in 2007, but more were needed to support about 250,000 severely disabled people. ” …

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