Campaigns and Projects

The Access Group is involved in several local campaigns and projects. Here are the updates on Local Cycling and Walking and Eastbourne Town Centre.

Local Cycling and Walking

Government and local councils have been tasked with delivering significant growth in walking and cycling numbers (Active Travel). Eastbourne Access Group are supportive of these ambitious plans and are campaigning for dedicated safe walking spaces to ensure vulnerable people remain safe in their own space. Likewise we agree with the majority of UK cycle groups that safe dedicated cycle lanes are installed to ensure space is available to manage the long term growth of sustainable safe cycling, in accordance with Government guidelines;

The updated Govt regulation LTN 1/20 requires that: 

  • Shared use routes in streets with high pedestrian or cyclist flows should not be used.
  • Accessibility is a core design principle
  • An Access audit must be completed and Public Sector Equality Duty under the Equality Act fully complied with. This forms part of the Equality Impact Assessment, but an access audit is a separate and additional good practice requirement. Safety assessments are also paramount.
  • Tactile paving must be provided for properly segregated cycling lanes where pedestrians are required to cross safely as per the guidance on the use of Tactile paving surfaces. Tactile paving must be provided at all crossing points.
  • Speed restrictions must be in place in areas where there are more pedestrians, such as humps in the cycle track to slow cyclists down as they approach crossing points for pedestrians.
  • There are other requirements for surfacing and segregation between cyclists and pedestrians contained in LTN 1/20 which must be followed.
  • Cycle lanes need to be wide enough and 3 metres best practice.

It is also vital for ESCC to keep up to date with tactile paving, ban on shared space/parking on pavements and inclusive design for streets updates which are found at:

The latest tactile paving guidance is:  TRL, Accessible Public Realm, published January 2020.

We are calling for funds from the LCWIP to be allocated to the repair and smooth surfacing of identified key and core walking spaces, to ensure required growth in safe walking is met to achieve the walking element of Active Travel targets.

A Government positioning paper (National Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy) published in February 2020 stated that we must maintain and build walking numbers whilst dramatically raising cycling trips. The government document further stated that pedestrian walking space should not be taken or compromised in order to deliver new cycling schemes.

March 2021


Eastbourne Town Centre update 2021

In September 2020 a walk round was conducted of phase 1 which is already in place. The plans for phases 2 and 3 re-development of the town centre were discussed and viewed with Eastbourne Blind Society and local Councillors.

The access and safety concerns in phase 1 were pointed out to ESCC in 2020 and confirmed later in correspondence over the following months.

Rectification works have subsequently been signed off by ESCC but to date not much has been done. The non lineage marking out of the disabled bays in Cornfield Road and the lack of double yellow lines being marked has now been in contention for over 15 months.

‘Covid’ excuses have been made but it has been seen that road markings have been carried out elsewhere in the town.

Thanks go to Councillor Belsey who raised this lack of progress with the leader of ESCC and the contractor has now been told that this work must be done as a matter of urgency. That was the beginning of March 2021.

To date nothing has been done.

We understand that the contractor wants to do the work at night but the temperature is too cold for the lineage to be laid.

Additionally Janet Coles wrote to EBC and ESCC Councillor David Tutt. The Eastbourne Herald published both a video and an article on the situation, the Herald have been advised that the work will be done by the end of March.

Additional disabled bays are marked at the rear of the former TIC building and on the left side of Hyde Gardens. However due to the lack of regular parking enforcement these bays are being misused by Taxi Operators using the public toilets and general members of the public as drivers using the disabled bays as pick up and parking points. Once the disabled parking spaces are marked in Cornfield Road our next task as an access group will be to get the cubes removed which are a hazard when getting out of cars.

Under phase 2 town centre re-development plans the blue badge parking will remain in Bolton Road. However, in Langney Road there will be only 5 spaces instead of the original 12 blue badge spaces. Currently ESCC want these spaces placed outside Dominos Pizza.

Eastbourne Access Group have written to ESCC  requesting that they are placed on the opposite side of the road where Blacks is In order to avoid car drivers picking up takeaways both from Dominos and Taco bell.

We have also requested additional shared disabled bays with permit holders immediately at the rear of M&S along with the dead end up to the Beacon rear entrance which is a formal drop off point for vehicles.

Wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) parking provision is an ongoing battle as it has been for many years and unfortunately there is no progress.

With Phase 3 plans or the probable temporary closure of the top end of Terminus Road (now back to its original name of Victoria Place) we have requested additional parking spaces either in Trinity Trees, or the seafront outside Sovereign Court and the former Chatsworth Hotel in order that blue badge holders can park and enjoy the ‘cafe society’ area proposed by the Council. Whether this will happen is not known yet as again we have raised possible problems regarding suitability for this.

15 March 2021