Welcome to the

Eastbourne Guide for Disabled People,

published by the Eastbourne Access Group,

a voluntary community group.

Contact details:

0781 0317 185

We promote equality and inclusion for all and disability awareness. We want Eastbourne to be a disabled friendly town.

We are members of Eastbourne Disability Involvement Group (EDIG) together giving a voice to local disabled people.

Eastbourne is a fine Victorian town built mostly on the level. Gentle ramps and slopes are used to overcome steps and stairs where possible making Eastbourne more accessible although some barriers do remain due to architectural limitations.

We hope the information in this guide, on our website and Facebook page will make it easier for disabled people whether they are residents or visitors, to enjoy Eastbourne to the full.

On our website you will find:

Accessible places to eat in and around Eastbourne

Accessible places to visit in and around Eastbourne

Accessible places to visit with in East Sussex

Disabled facilities in seafront hotels

Blue Badge parking     …….and much more.

Town Centre Terminus Road, Phase 1 completed. A mixture of hazards to be aware of: one-way bus lane in paved shared area defined by tactile paving, no kerbs or formal crossings, low edged planters, lamp posts, street furniture which blends in with paving.

New Welcome Building in Devonshire Quarter by The Congress Theatre has the theatre box office, Eastbourne Visitor Centre (TIC), cafe, exhibition and event halls. All accessible, lifts, toilets, blue badge spaces.

Our events with The Beacon shopping centre supporting Purple Tuesday and Eastbourne Access Event are encouraging local businesses to ensure all customers enjoy a better experience. They are helping to give disabled people the confidence to go out and about trying new places knowing a warm welcome will be given and staff have awareness training.

Everyone can get involved by reviewing services they receive either face to face, via feedback forms or use review websites. If businesses are not told they cannot be expected to improve and make changes. Pleasing a customer means a returning customer bringing back friends and family; everyone wins. Giving good customer service and making small adjustments can make a big difference to any customer’s journey or experience.



If you find this guide helpful please support us through Eastbourne Local Lottery with every £1 ticket bought via our Good Causes page we receive 50p for our work and ensures we can keep publishing this Guide free of charge.